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Our Services

Key Cutting

Key Cutting

Cutting a new key is a hassle for people who have lost their original key. From houses to cars, we can assist you.

Appliances Image


A lot of people require help installing or repairing their cookers, fridge, freezer, washing machine etc. You should skip the hassle of trying to DIY and call Lenora Services to come and do it for you.


Carpentry and Furniture

Assembling furniture is no easy job for many people. A lot of people struggle to maintain it let alone assemble it. Maybe you need us to repair it instead. You can entrust us with any of the tasks to be completed with a job well done.


Electrical Services

Electricity is now a necessity to progress in this world, so the last thing anyone needs is it to mess up and stop working. From fixing fuseboxes to replacing/repairing cables, we’ll make sure your electricity will stay intact.

Tile repair

Flooring and Tiles

Do you need tiling or flooring repaired or replaced in your house? Make Lenora Services your first choice for quality tiles and flooring. We believe that even the floor design plays a huge role in making your house a home.

Photo hanging

Hanging and Oddjobs

Having problems hanging up things like paintings or mounting objects such as TVs on the wall? Well, Lenora Handyman Services can help you overcome this problem with no problem at all. Or maybe you got a pesky odd job such as shower screen fittings or ceiling fan installation. We got you covered on that aswell so don’t even break a sweat.

Gas, Boilers and Heating

Gas Boilers and Heating

If your boiler is broken or you have a problem with your gas in the house, make sure you call Lenora Service as soon as possible. We will help sort out the problem professionally and efficiently.



The house may be an important part of having a home, but if the garden isn’t matching in quality the house loses value. Keep your garden in top notch quality with Lenora Services.

Painting and Decorating

Most people would think painting a wall is a easy job. However most people are not satisfied with a low quality messy job. You can sure trust Lenora Service to provide a high calibur of painting leaving little to no mess afterwards

Plumbing Services

Have a leak that has been pestering you? Or maybe you have a pipe that needs to be repaired. What ever it is, just know that no job is too big for us.


Proprety Refurbishment

We take pride in major home renovations and refurbishments. Working with only the very best in the business, we have built up a respected reputation for our reliability and high standard of Property Refurbishment Services throughout London.



Security is an important aspect in securing your privacy and safety in your home. Lenora Services believe that everyone should be able to acquire that style of life.

Window Repair

Doors and Windows

Fitting doors and installing windows is a quite complicated job which is something you should leave for a professional to do it. Not only do we install doors and windows, we also repair them too.

Why us?

We got the tools

Lenora Handyman Services are prepared for any job that may come our way.

Certified Experience

We are qualified for every job that may be given to us.

Competitive Pricing

We can beat any prices that our competitors present to us.

Lifetime Guarantee

With everlasting repairs, Lenora Handyman Services should be your 1st and only call.

40+ Years Experience

With years of experiences, we come approach each task with much confidence.

Great Support

Our support team is what helps Lenora Handyman Services stand a cut above the rest

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